SunStream Partnerssm
Powering a brighter future

SunStream Partners develops, owns, operates and maintains custom solar installations for corporations, government entities, non-profit institutions, and commercial real estate developers seeking sustainable energy solutions and lower operating costs.

SunStream Partners brings together the resources of world class energy engineering firms, global solar integration firms, and institutional investors to develop renewable energy projects for clients interested in reducing overall energy consumption, decreasing dependence on fossil fuel, and lowering the cost of energy to power their businesses and operations.

SunStream Partners helps commercial property owners and tenants identify energy saving and renewable energy production opportunities that can generate additional revenue while reducing operating costs.

SunStream Partners delivers turnkey solar power solutions through a single long term Power Purchase Agreement that eliminates both the need for up front capital investment and the complexity of designing and installing a reliable, cost effective renewable energy system.


SunStream Partners develops renewable energy solutions for each client by coordinating all aspects of the solar project including system design, engineering, building permits, construction, technology acquisition, financing, utility interconnection, government rebates and credits. We coordinate a team of experienced professionals on site, with a dedicated project manager responsible for oversight of the entire process. Our skills, systems integration experience and expertise ensure that projects are completed on budget and on schedule.

Kyocera Solar GroveŽ courtesy of Envision Solar International, Inc.